WaveSight – Long range Mini UAV

Flexible, muiltiporpose, multipaylod, 2,5 hr endurance, fully autonomous.


Full carbon frame for maximum reliability and durability.Aerospace grade wiring and connectors.Selected components and materials.Interchangeable parts for short downtime in case of damage.


Three fully customizable cargo bays for custom multiple payload installation.Unlimited flight programming capabilities.Multiple payload simultaneous operation for multi mission capabilities.Catapult launch and belly landing for non prepared field operations.


  • Fully autonomous capabilities.
  • 2,5 hrs flight time with 500g payload
  • 30 mins flight time with 2.5 kg payload
  • 3500 mts service ceiling
  • 2.5 m/s climb speed
  • 70 km/h cruising speed

Multiple payload capabilities


WaveSight can carry top performance payload suitable for different application:

Automatic flight capabilities

  • Fully automatic pre-programmed flight over 3D paths with adjustable height from 0 to 3500 ( 1m accuracy) – In flight mission re-task
  • 16 user configurable flight pattern to execute particular actions during flight that may be automatically triggered by the autopilot, or manually triggered by the operator
  • Full on board data log recording of 42 predefined data including: speed, altitude, attitude, GPS position, command being executed, and 16 user configurable data
  • Failure management that triggers specific recovery actions for each failure.

Pneumatic catapult takeoff


Pneumatic operation ensures durability and constant performance not possible with rubber bands or other similar devices.

Automatic operated catapult for reliable and repetitive takeoffs.

Electronic catapult management for safe operation:

  • Launch is enabled only when the launching pressure reaches the proper values
  • Launch is triggered by a safety, two buttons, anti-panic hand-held control.
  • Pre-launch warning buzzer

Transport and packing capabilities

Wavesight UAV has been designed to optimize operation in non-prepared field. Once packed the whole system can be carried in a normal car. A single man can operate the system; optimized operations require two men crew.




  • Max. take off weight: 9.5 Kg
  • Empty weight: 6kg
  • Max payload weight (including batteries: 3.5 kg


  • Frame: full carbon, dis-assembled in 5 parts
  • Onboard power: redundant LIPO battery
  • Motor: electrical, brushless. low maintenance
  • Time for assembly/packing: 5 minutes


  • Catapult weight (including case,
  • compressor, air bottle and control unit: 35 kg
  • Electrical 12v compressor
  • Onboard battery: lead acid (LIPO optional)
  • Time for air charging (first flight/other flight): 5/3 mins


  • Take off: fully autonomous with catapult
  • Flight: fully autonomous over GPS waypoints, with 16 user defined patterns
  • Landing: fully autonomous, on the belly
  • Emergency fail safe; user defined, multiple instructions


(Performances refers to standard ISA atmosphere condition: pressure 1013.25 hPa, temperature 15°C, humidity 0%)

  • Cruising speed (typ.): 20 m/s – 40 kts
  • Rate of climb: 3.5 m/s – 650 ft/min
  • Max. operating altitude above sea level: 3500 m
  • Max wind for take off and landing: 38Km/h – 20 kts
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C / + 50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C / + 50°C
  • Duration max.: 150 mins

Duration is influenced by flight profile, weather conditions wind, battery state of charge and efficiency. Standard duration is measured with standard flight, automatic take off, climb to 100 m, leveled flight, descend and landing

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