Venture T: the first drone package optimized for training schools.

Pro S3 is pleased to announce the release of the Venture T lines of mutirotor UAVs. Venture T offers unique capabilities concentrated in a single package, designed specifically for UAV training schools. Check more details Venture T web page.

Mr. Daniele Camatti CEO of Pro S3 says “UAV training activities requires specific performance characteristics not usually available in a standard commercial drone package”. The intense usage requires a large number of batteries in order to allow continuous training activities during the day while serving a high number of students.
The Venture T has been configured to allow for changing the flight performance and response to command in accordance with the student skill level.
The Venture T has been configured so that novice pilots simply cannot over fly the unit reducing the possibility of damage due to panicky stick inputs in the “float” mode of operation.

The system consists of the following:
• High grade RC controller with main flight data telemetry
• Buddy-buddy wireless system allowing cable free operations
• Single axis student operations (instructor decides which axis put under student control)
• Mode 1 to 5 instructor/student operations
• Instructor selectable command response
• Instructor selectable flight mode, simulating several flying conditions
• Instructor selectable failsafe operation for emergency simulation
• Inflight motor failure simulation (octo version only)
• 8 batteries allowing standard 10 minutes missions
• GCS ground full telemetry for instructor maneuver checking and evaluation

Venture T web page

Price will be avaialble soon.