Venture Surveyor – VTOL UAV

Flexible, multirotor fully autonomous UAV,


Standard payload fixing point. Foldable arms for easy trasportation. Easy battery replacement. Minimum down time between flights.


Fully enclosed body for operation in harsh environment. Carbon fiber / 2024 structural core. Light rain operation. Strobes and navigation light for maximum visibility. Rugged case.


  • Fully autonomous capabilities.
  • 20 mins flight time with 500 g payload
  • 12 mins flight time with 1.3 kg payload
  • 1.3 kg Max payload
  • 2.5 m/s climb speed
  • 25 km/h typ.cruising speed
  • 35 km/h max cruising speed

Multiple payload capabilities


Venture Surveyor can carry top performance payload suitable for different application:

  • Colibri, day/night stabilized turret
  • MicroCAM D2, 24x zoom  stabilized turret
  • 24 MP still camera
  • Flir A65 radiometric thermal camera

Automatic flight capabilities

  • Fully automatic hovering capability at a fixed point with +/- 3 meter accuracy.
  • Multiple flight modes: UAV, RPV, Fly by camera, terrain following, banked turns, ecc
  • Fully automatic pre-programmed flight over 3D paths with adjustable height from 0 to 1000 meters.
  • Automatic flight pattern generation during mission.
  • Complete mission re-task.
  • Multiple failure user management configuration activating custom actions for each failure.
  • Flight boundary settings.
  • Custom setting for maximum speed, maximum height, RPV mode, landing procedure, etc
  • Absolute and relative positioning flight mode.

Top quality CNC manufactured parts


Durabilty and reliability have been the key driver during Venture design and developement. Venture UAV family uses only top quality manufactured parts, specifically designed by Pro S3. All parts are made to tolerance in order to guarantee great modularity and easy replacement in case of damage.

Advanced capabilities and diagnostic

DGPS and RTK gps option

Venture Surveyor con be equipped with dual frequency  GPS receiver allowing differential GPS or RTK mode operation.

Full flight logging capabilities

Venture UAV family can be equipped with a special flight logger that keeps track of all operation. Thanks to this feature Pro S3 is capable of granting regular maintenance and plan inspections.

Advanced self diagnostic and temperature compensation

Venture Surveyor autopilot advanced vibration detection algorithms prevents flying when rotating parts could be potentially damaged causing problems during flight. Venture Surveyor autopilot is fully temperature compensated in a wide range of temperature.


Transport and packing capabilities


Venture UAV family has been designed to optimize operation and reduce readiness time for everyday activities. Thanks to its foldable arms, once folded the UAV can be stored in a very small but rugged case.



  • Max. take off weight: 4.0 Kg
  • Empty weight: 1.9 kg
  • Max payload weight (including batteries): 1.8 kg


  • Frame: carbon/CNC 2024, foldable arms
  • Onboard power: 6s. 4600 mAH LIPO battery
  • Motor: electrical, brushless. low maintenance
  • Time for ready to flight state: 5 minutes


  • Take off and landing: manual or fully autonomous
  • Flight: manual RPV or fully autonomous over GPS waypoints, fly by camera 16 user defined flight patterns controlled via ground station
  • Emergency fail safe: battery warning, GPS failure, autopilot watchdog, vibration monitoring, user defined actions
  • Flight boundary: distance/height, user defined
  • Flight termination system: optional an separate radio channel, vertical quick landing.


(Performances refers to standard ISA atmosphere condition: pressure 1013.25 hPa, temperature 15°C, humidity 0%)

  • Cruising speed (typ.): 8 m/s – 15.5 kts
  • Rate of climb: 3.5 m/s – 650 ft/min
  • Max. operating altitude above sea level: 3500 m
  • Max wind for take off and landing: 20 Km/h – 11 kts
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C / + 50°C
  • Storage temperature range: -20°C / + 50°C
  • Duration max.: 25 mins


Duration is influenced by flight profile, weather conditions wind, battery state of charge and efficiency. Standard duration is measured with standard flight, automatic take off, climb to 10 m, hover flight, descend and landing

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