Venture LE – Long Endurance

Better performances for the ultra stable Venture platform. Up to 48 minutes of flight duration: unique results for a less than 4kg drone.

From the experience of the previous Venture platforms, a completely revised drone with unique performances and efficiency.

Venture LE has been completely designed and developed in Italy according the most stringent customer requirement. All parts are tested following complex verification procedures, including material testing, fatigue testing and RF spectral emission.

All parts are internally assembled in order to grant the highest quality and reliability. The whole development process falls under complete Pro S3 control allowing the product to be fully customizable according to specific “non-standard” customer requirements.


End user friendly: thought to be easily used

Sensor can be quicly replaced according to the type of application.

Arm and props are foldable: packed dimensions are really small allowing the drone to be recovered in a light but sturdy rugged bag. Ready to flight preparation time is less than two minutes, assuming a pre-planned mission.

Battery are easily and quickly replaced thanks to the unique “plug in” style battery holding system.

Heavy duty use requires maximum sturdiness and reliability

Designed for everyday use without any non-necessary weight increase.

Main body is completely closed to grant protection against dust and light rain.

Main body is made in composite material and 2024 alloy.

Main electric switch is activated with the aid of a magnetic key. Oxidation and sparks on main power electrical contact are avoided thus granting virtually unlimited operations cycles.

Frame is equipped with aeronautical compliant nav lights (green/red/white). Side mounted strobe lights dramatically increase visibility in low light or at maximum distance.


Venture LE is available in two version

Venture LE can be configured for several type of mission and applications. Mapper and SAR (search and Rescue) versions are equipped to respond to professional market and law enforcement/first responder user.

Mapper Version

Developed for aero-mapping survey over large areas. Is equipped with 20 Mpx nadir camera with fixed focal lens to grant maximum image quality with minimum optical distortions.

Coverage is up to 50 ha per single flight assuming good condition battery, no wind and 120m (400 ft), 70% image overlap.

Camera is directly triggered by the flight control system according to flight planning. This feature greatly improves the overall survey efficiency, shooting pictures where it is need only.

Drone package can be delivered with Pix4D mapper post processing software.

Specific Mapper version feature:

  • Nadir Camera Sony UMC R10C win 16 mm fixed focal lens
  • Point to point serial telemetry link, with RF self-powered ground box. Range minimum 1 km, max 10 km (on request)
  • High quality RC manual control, with optical encoder joystick.

SAR and Law enforcement version

Developed for law enforcement and first responder application is suitable for day and night operations. It is equipped with a top performance but small turret HD camera with 20x optical and 640×480 thermal sensor with 4x digital zoom.

Camera is also equipped with target tracking system, which dramatically increase mission effectiveness allowing camera operator to concentrate on images analysis being the target continuously kept within camera field of view.

SAR version specific features:

  • Combined turret camera Colibrì V2 HD
  • Automatic target tracking with onboard video recording and geotagging.
  • Ground-Air-Ground Digital datalink IP based, range 10 Km, allowing combined data and video transmission in one single link.
  • Manual RC control link, range 10 Km.

Common for all versions


  • Max flight endurance : 48 min (SAR version)
  • Max flight endurance : 40 min (MAPPER version)
  • Max climb rate: 2.5 m/s – 450 ft/min
  • Cruise speed typ/max: 25/45 km/h – 13/25 Kts
  • Max wind: 25 km/h – 13 kts


  • Eight flight modes available to user
  • Programmable geo-fences
  • Advanced failures management
  • 3 IMU reduntant and temperature-stabilized autopilot
  • High efficinecy brushless motor with advanced vibration reduction system
  • High energy density Li Ion battery
  • Laser altimeter for precision landing and terrain following mode (optional)
  • RTK GPS L1 receiver (optional)
  • RTK GPS L1/L2 receiver with integrated datalogger for PPK processing (optional).