Pro S3 announce partnership with Skypersonic for indoor drones

Pro s3 announce its partnership with Skypersonic, innovative startup company developing a brand new concept of indoor drones. Thanks to Giotto and Spherocopter flying and rolling combined capabilities, they can be defined “smartdrones”.


Skypersonic’s smart drone, Giotto, can be used for home or commercial applications, such as industrial inspection, surveillance and logistic services; it has multiple operation functions such as flying and moving on the ground or rolling modes.


Giotto, as well as Sphero (patent pending), is a very safe product, as well, featuring a copter propeller apparatus that is enclosed and protected by a spherical shape.

In particular Skypersonic is specialized in UHV (Unmanned Hybrid Vehicles) for indoor application. This concept means that the vehicle can move on the ground, fly in the air or use a mixed mode to avoid obstacles. All skypersonic drones are cages or enclosed to make a safe product that protects people and things.