Italian National Fire Corps: trial period has started.

Trial activity with Italian National Fire Corps has started.

Venture Surveyor and Wavesight UAV are being evaluated by the Province of Turin Fire Brigade headquarter in order to be successfully operated for search oriented topography and SAR operations.

The trial activity, lasting six months, will have the target of defining the optimal performance/payload combination as well as the best operating protocol required for the operational everyday usage.

The trial activity will be divided into different phases:

  • Creation of trained Firemen team capable of operating the UAV’s
  • Comprehension and definition of operating protocol to be used for standard search topography and SAR operations.

Search topography (Topography used for rescue and post disaster survey) is one of the most important activity which can benefit of UAV usage and integration. The creation of post-disaster updated maps is one of the most important safety critical activity today carried out by standard full scale aircrafts. The advantage of using Pro S3’s Venture Surveyor and Wavesight UAVs are not limited to a simple cost saving. The possibility of having a portable tool, operated by the emergency team is a key advantage for this kind of scenario where mobility and flexibility is a must.

Search and Rescue mission, is the most import and valuable application were the usage of unmanned vehicle is dramatically reducing the time and effort to localize the position of missing people. For this kind of mission Venture Surveyor and Wavesight UAVs will be used, equipped with D2 and Colibri gyro stabilized turret.