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Pro S3 was founded in November 2001 by three shareholder coming from Polytechnic of Turin University. Thanks to its great innovation level, Pro S3 become member of the Innovative Companies Incubator of the same University. A growing process involved Pro S3 since the beginning. Its capabilities were multiplied, new perspective and new market were achieved. After 3D CAD design, other services like FEM analysis and CFD simulation have improved the company range of activities. Autovotive, Aerospace, Defense and General Industry are the typical areas where Pro S3 gives best demonstration of its capabilities. At the end of the 3 years incubation period, Pro S3 won the Start Up Cup, award reserved for the company who has best increased its business and acquired the most defined structure.

In 2006, an important and innovative Pro S3 branch has been created: Unmanned Systems developement and production. Thanks to this important step in Pro S3 life, a whole family of unmanned systems in present on the market available for both civilian and military applications.

Eng. Daniele Camatti CEO of Pro S3 s.r.l.

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