Colibri HD – day/thermal high definition stabilized turrett

Pro S3 Unmanned Technologies is proud to present Colibrì HD, the new high-definition gimbal turret equipped with a daylight 720p sensor and a thermal 640×480 micro-bolometer, developed for SAR and law enforcement application.Colibrì HD is the only turret today available which in only 160g is embedding both day HD and thermal vision capabilities. Switching from daylight to thermal vision is simple as pressing a button on the ground station. Day vision capability is enhanced by a 6.6x optical zoom with 2x digital, while the thermal vision has 4x digital zoom capabilities. Thermal inspection is easy thanks to “white hot” / “black hot” selectable scale. Together with our Venture Surveyor and Wavesight UAV this turret comes with the following features:

  • Geo-coordinate of the target point and distance to target
  • “Look here” feature: payload operator select on the map the point to target to, system does the rest keeping it in field of view during flight.
  • Automatic target tracking (optional accessory required): moving target are highlighted and automatically tracked.