Schiaparelli approaches Mars


Torino (Italy) – Oct 19 2016: Exomars mission is completing the most important task by releasing Schiaparelli module on the Mars surface. Italian technology played a leadership role in this mission with the important contribution of Italian firms involved in this task. Pro S3 Unmanned Technologies is among those companies giving his small but important contribution. Exomars mission, started at march 14 2016 with the launch of spacecraft, is only the first of several future missions with the important task of starting the European  Mars exploration. Visual based navigation techniques will be used in order to properly guide the lander during its final descent on the Mars surface, autonomously selecting proper places to land and avoiding other locations that will probably lead to the lander destruction. Pro S3, as Thales Alenia Space Italy partner is giving an important contribution to the development of the precision landing visual technique with the aid of Octane e Venture Surveyors quadcopters flying automatic descent path over several type of terrain simulating the Mars surface. More information on our dedicated web page: Precision Landing